About Us

The Royal Mystic Order of the Knights of Serenity (RMOKOS) is a men's AA group that meets Saturday, 10:30 to noon at St. Bridget’s School in Maynard (GoogleMaps). The group name/acroynm is both a tongue-in-cheek moniker and a reference to the knight standing outside the room.

Since ~1984, RMOKOS has held a men’s speaker-discussion meeting. Until 2015, the group was "dark" but per group conscience it registered with Area 30, District 24 and GSO, and its meeting was listed by Boston Central Service and Worcester Area Intergroup.

RMOKOS meetings are open A.A. men’s meetings – all men are welcome*. Meetings start with the AA Preamble and are conducted in observance of the AA 12 Steps and AA 12 Traditions.

*To join the RMOKOS group, see the group secretary. For a site login: click here. To login: click here.

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