About Harvard HJF  

Harvard Happy, Joyous & Free (Harvard HJF) is an AA group that hosts a discussion meeting based on a Daily Reflections reading. Meetings are held at Harvard UUC Fellowship Hall at 7 Elm Street in Harvard (GoogleMaps).

The Harvard HJF group was formed ~ 1995 by Patrick D. It originally met at St. Theresa's before relocating, post-COVID.

Harvard HJF meetings are open – anyone is welcome to attend; only alcoholics may join the Harvard HJF group and participate in group activities*. Each meeting opens with a reading of the AA Preamble and closes with the Lord's Prayer. The group embraces the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Harvard HJF is part of District 26 and Area 30 in eastern Massachusetts and is registered with the GSO in New York and Boston Central Service and the Worcester Area Intergroup.

*To join Harvard HJF, see the group secretary. For a site login: click here. To login: click here.

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